Andy Boyd remembers:
I am enjoying the remembrances. 
I remember going to work in the nearby hay fields in the summer of '57 and '58.  I would go to a place on Mass. where the local farmers would come to hire folks for the day.  Can't remember how much I made but do remember that it was very hot up in those hay barns.
I remember the quadruple dates we would have whenever Jim Self got his parent's car on a Friday or Saturday night.
I remember my first time playing Junior High football. I was in the 7th grade and it was at the end of the season so several of us got to put on the pads and practice at South Park after school. The time was early evening in late October so it was dark with only dim light from the baseball field lights.  After experiencing football in such an ominous setting I wonder why I would have wanted to continue "playing" such a sport.