Martha Allen remembers:

I was just commenting today that when we were young Halloween was much better because many of the moms made treats. We knew exactly which house was handing out which treat, like home made fudge.

And I absolutely agree with Larry, who said we were safe. Or at least, we felt safe. Things like polio, influenza, measles, mumps. Those things could kill us as children, then, but we trusted our parents and the doctors, and we mostly survived.

I remember graduation night in Hoch auditorium. My mother, Mary Y Allen, was on the school board, and when I got up to the stage to walk across, they stopped the line in front of me, had the person ahead of me clear the stage, then they announced that since my mother was on the school board she would hand me my diploma. The only thing I could think at the moment, was, "Thank God this is also going to happen to Bob Shenk tonight, too." But in the photo of my mother handing me my diploma, we're both smiling. I also remember the party that night, when we went into the Chi Omega fountain at dawn!

I've always said Lawrence was a wonderful place to grow up in. I think I was remarkably naive about all the problems, like the unofficial segregation that was all around us. Sure, Lawrence was settled by abolitionists, but I know the black kids weren't in the swimming pool. But I still say it was a great place to grow up in, and if my career hadn't "driven" me to other towns in other states, I would have stayed in Lawrence happily.

I only half remember this, can someone fill in the rest?
A group of guys took one of the teacher's cars, a VW Beetle, I think, and brought it inside the school at Lawrence Junior High.

Reply from Rich Noever:

I remember that somebody took a VW and wedged it in a corner outside of the buliling so that you couldn't move it forward or backward.  I believe the car was owned by Robert Zilliox.  I don't remember who was involved. Just like a witness for the prosecution, my memory is selective. Ha!